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Boucleme Review: Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel

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Yes this is a little overdue, but no need to worry because I'm going to let you know about a hair line called Bouclème; I have been trying this brand out for the past 2 to 3 months now. I have been natural for nearly 3 years ( I honestly cannot believe how time has gone by so fast)  and it can be quite stressful looking for hair products to style my hair after I wash it. Let me tell you I've tried loads of different products to do my LOC method  (Liquid, oil and cream/gel) and there are only a few hair products I would recommend and can use on my hair since I have a sensitive scalp. I usually look for sulphate, silicone and paraben free products or even organic hair products, that's why I am so delighted to talk about the Bouclème products I have been anxiously waiting to tell you guys about.

I purchased the Bouclème hair line from a site named Antidote Street (worth checking out the website is linked down below) I have never heard of the line or even this website so luckily I was able to get 10% off  my first order and I bought the Curl cream (300ml) and the Curl defining gel 100ml (which was a sample size as I only wanted to try it out) . Before I talk about the hair products, I'm just going to give you an insight to the Bouclème brand. The Bouclème brand is manufactured and based in the UK. One thing that stood out to me was that they use fair trade ingredients making it also eco friendly, none of those harsh chemicals are inside these Bouclème products  and there is 0% silicone, paraben, petroleum and sulphates inside. If you are a curly hair girl (between type 2 hair to type 4a/b) then you will end up loving this line. I am not to sure on how it would work on 4C hair even though my hair type is 4a/b and C, however there are videos on Youtube demonstrating on how to use these products on type 4 hair. All I can say is it's what works for your hair.

Firstly, the hairline smells GORGEOUS!!! And don't take my word from it, if this is not the only review you have seen on the Bouclème products then you must of heard that it smells impeccable and so refreshing. For those who are on a budget I would say save your money ladies and gentleman because this line will change your hair regime and make it worth your while. Now these products may cost a lot and for if you are one of those people who love spending good money on hair products then this is what you need to try. The curl cream 300ml retails for £19, the curl defining gel 100ml retails for £9.42 and 300ml £15. If you want to try the sample size out you can buy the travel kit for £22 or buy individually for £9.42 each.

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The Curl Cream is my favourite out of the two, not only is it easy to distribute throughout the sections of my hair but it gives your hair fantastic curl definition and helps detangle it whether you use a Denman brush or detangle with your fingers. As you can see in the images it's a cream like texture but not too thick, how I like to use it is firstly I air dry my hair for about 30 minutes or up to an hour, then use a spray bottle of water to refresh my hair then pat down with a cotton t-shirt. I use my crème of nature leave in conditioner, then detangle a little with a brush (or alternatively you can use your fingers), use any oil of your choice I use Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil. This is when I use the spray water bottle again and apply the curl cream. You can use the curl cream alone but use either a gel or a butter cream to soften the hair and get the desired look. By the way this curl cream smells incredible it has a elegant aroma (hint of spearmint/sweet orange and grapefruit. The ingredients list is listed on the website. Rating: 4/5 

As for the Curl defining gel (100ml) I absolutely love the citrus scent it has, the scent has a hint of grapefruit, lemon, and orange which many people who try this would love their hair to smell exactly like this. What I love about this gel is that smell is not so overbearing, however the gel is quite a light consistency. I am used to using a heavier gel like the famous Eco Styler gel as it gives me a lot more hold and lasts me quite a while through the week. This gel I find makes the hair a little crunchy with my hair type, but at least you can crunch out the gel the next day with an oil. It does give the hair a tight or loose curl pattern. Rating 3/5

You can use this line for a normal style out or a wash and go (dry or wet hair). I really want to try out the cleanser and conditioner, so if any of you guys have tried it out let know below on your thoughts or if you have any questions comment below.

Hope you enjoyed reading . Xoxo

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